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  • Estense Castle

    Estense Castle

  • Palazzo Schifanoia

    Palazzo Schifanoia

  • Monumental Staircase

    Monumental Staircase



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What is it?

MyFE is the tourist card for the city of Ferrara. It is a key that opens the doors to the best of the city and helps you discover its treasures.


With MyFE you have a single pass to a set of services that tourists normally must find on their own.
A tourist card is an essential tool for those who wish to get to know and full experience the area in which they are. It is a map of the main sights of the city and of its interesting features, a map of Ferrara’s monuments, history and landscape, plus a passport to local food, wine, and shopping.
Besides being an advantage for the turists to visit the museums of the city, MyFE helps you discover new paths and forge new connections, enriching an important cultural heritage that has remained largely unknown even today.
There are many opportunities you can't miss and it’s worth spending an extra night here to enjoy the unique beauty of Ferrara.
MyFE card was designed to make your visit to Ferrara a special experience, so that you can spend time calmly exploring every nook and cranny and enjoy the city’s great history and charm.
This is an unmissable opportunity to experience the city in complete freedom.
With MyFE card, you are the star.
The MyFE tool includes a wide range of benefits that will make you the true star of your stay.
MyFE card comes in three types, according to the number of days of its validity.
For cards valid since 1/1/2017 prices are:
2 days (one night) for 12€
3 days (two nights) for 14€
6 days (up to five nights) for 18€
Join the MyFE world, discover the wide range of offers available and choose the type of card that best meets your needs.

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