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    Estense Castle

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    Palazzo Schifanoia

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Palazzina Marfisa d'Este

A magnificent example of a seigneurial residence from the 16° century. it owes its name to the noblewoman and celebrated patron of the arts and artists, Torquato Tasso among others.
Indise you can admire frescoes from the Filippi school with refined and sumptuous "grotesque" decorations.
Cross the remains of the great garden to the shady loggia, also richly embellished with frescoes, and imagine all the pomp and circumstance of the concerts and shows the Este family used hold here.

Useful information

Corso Giovecca, 170
Tel. 0532 244949 (Booking Office and Information)

Opening times

09,30-13,00 15,00-18,00
Closed on Mondays

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